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Ishmael Reed featured on David Hammons's "House of the Future"

"Across the intersection from the flagpole is another, even more ambitious project by David Hammons: an impossibly narrow Charleston single house. Situated diagonally on the corner lot and built to be not much wider than a single doorway, it is a pastiche of classic Charleston building techniques, with three types of traditional roofing and five types of siding. Painted in white on its blue, windowless broad side is a challenging quote from author Ishmael Reed: "The Afro-American has become heir to the myths that it is better to be poor than rich, lower class than middle or upper, easy going rather than industrious, extravagant rather than thrifty, and athletic rather than academic."

Read the full article on the Charleston art installations in the Charleston City Paper.

Wed, 13 Jun 2012