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MultiAmerica, Essays on Cultural Wars and Cultural Peace

Is there such a thing as an "American" culture? Should we conform to a monocultural ideal in this country? No, says Ishmael Reed, a long-time critic of the mainstream media which, he insists, marginalizes non-Anglo, non-Yankee cultures. In this refreshing anthology Reed and other African-American, Native-American, Asian-American, Italian-American, Latin-American, and Irish-American writers come together to provide perspectives frequently omitted from the discussion of race in the United States. Speaking out on a broad variety of issues-including assimilation, racial conflicts between minorities, the gay rights movement, victimization and stereotyping-these essays take us far beyond the issues of black vs. white and often veer toward the controversial. Amiri Baraka, Bharati Mukerhjee, Ana Castillo, Haki Madhubuti, Frank Chin, Gerald Horne, Barbara Smith, Miguel Algarin are just a few of the notable writers, teachers, students, and professionals included here. Stimulating, unpredictable, and provocative, Multi-America introduces the authentic voices of Rainbow America in all their diverse, angry, proud, celebratory glory.