Yardbird Lives!

Selected from five years of publishing the Yardbird Reader by its co-founders and editors, Ishmael Reed and Al Young, this 1978 anthology includes short stories, poetry, interviews, graphics, essays and dramatic writings—singularly, if not subversively, multicultural like America itself with its original works by African Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Euro Americans and Hispanic Americans, whose depth of imagination were all that mattered; never their politics or ideological stances.

Al Young’s Introduction asserts that “To the very end, [Yardbird Reader] blazed important trails, however neglected, by offering a bona-fide alternative journal to a reading public grown weary of skimming the same old notions….Sometimes raw, often irreverent and unavoidably bold, Yardbird, like any good upstart journal worth its ink, was always anything but slick and predictable, or—what is least pardonable in an arts publication—boring.”

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