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19 Necromancers From Now

19 Necromancers of three worlds do a ‘speaking in tongues.’ From the interplanetary ‘way-out’ to a supra-naturalism so precise and fine that we know the brand of lipstick on the filter-ripped cigarette resting on the blue triangular ashtray…19 Necromancers from now. The new literary Neo-HooDooism. Some plant their flags on things; we plant our flags on the seventies.

19 Contributors are: Cecil Brown, Steve Cannon, Frank Chin, Victor Hernandez Cruz, Ronald Fair, David Henderson, Calvin Hernton, Leroi Jones, William Melvin Kelley, Paul Lofty, Clarence Major, Charles Patterson, Ronald J. Pringle, N. H. Pritchard, Lennox Raphael, Ishmael Reed, John A. Williams, Charles Wright, Al Young

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