'When I Die I Will Go To Jazz' Installed at SFJAZZ

Last week, SFJAZZ Poet Laureate Ishmael Reed's poem "When I Die I Will Go To Jazz" was installed on the north gate of Raise Up Off Me Alley (named to honor jazz legend Hampton Hawes) at the SFJAZZ Center.

"Do Book Awards Matter?"

Ishmael Reed writes for the Wall Street Journal on the question of awarding literature.

New Audio Releases

Ishmael Reed's novels THE TERRIBLE TWOS, THE TERRIBLE THREES and JUICE! are now available as audio book downloads at Amazon.

Confessions of a Neighborhood Watch Captain

Ishmael Reed writes for The Wall Street Journal on the recent murder acquittal of former neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman, and his own time serving as a neighborhood watch captain.