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David Duchovny and Ishmael Reed

Actor and now-author David Duchovny was planning to writing a PhD dissertation on Ishmael Reed."You abandoned your PhD at Yale… what was it about?The title of the dissertation that never will be was: Magic and technology in contemporary fiction and poetry.

50th Anniversary Celebration of John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme.

"Poet Ishmael Reed took an alternative position on the fabled recording, and said the album has been-over analyzed through the years. He later revealed that he was more of a Charlie Parker man. 'I’m glad he [Coltrane] was a superior musician because the poem is pretty hokey,' said Reed." Click here.

Jeff Chang Invokes Ishmael Reed in Huffington Post Interview

Jeff Chang, author of Can't Stop Won't Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation, has taken on some massive subjects in his latest book: race, and the way America sees itself.Who We Be: The Colorization Of America follows the rise of the idea of multiculturalism -- and the backlash that followed it -- from the Civil Rights movement through to Obama's election, the fight over the DREAM Act, and Trayvon Martin's death.Chang

Ishmael Reed October Ebook Promotion

Ishmael Reed's Flight to Canada is being featured in an Open Road promotion called “Undiscovered Gems,” which highlights “novels you may not have read, by authors you already love.” The US ebook is priced at $1.99 from October 1 – 31. Click here for the ebook.Some parodies are as necessary as the books they answer.

"Why We're Shocked by White Heroin Use" by Ishmael Reed

Ishmael Reed's article in The Nation from June 4, 2014 has only become more relevant after the events in Ferguson, MO and the media's response. Reed tackles the question: "Do white pundits, reporters and TV producers have a no-snitch policy on exposing crises in the white community?" To read the article, click here

"Bad Apples In Ferguson" by Ishmael Reed

An article by Ishamel Reed titled "Bad Apples in Ferguson" was featured on August 29-31, 2014 of the The Weekend Edition of counterpunch.

Jamaica Kincaid Wins American Book Awards

Author Jamaica Kincaid and film critic Armond White are among the winners of the 35th annual American Book Awards, which celebrate multiculturalism and free expression. 
The Before Columbus Foundation announced Tuesday that Kincaid was cited for the novel "See Now Then." Other winners include Andrew Bacevich's nonfiction "Breach of Trust" and Alex Espinoza's novel "The Five Acts of Diego Leon." The awards will be presented Oct. 26 in San Francisco. 

Ishmael Reed Headlined Buffalo Poetry Festival April 2014

Three poets with Buffalo connections who have gone on to international acclaim highlighted a four-day festival in April in the Burchfield Penney Art Center.

The dozens of poetry-related readings, performances and screenings, collectively dubbed “Words” and timed to coincide with National Poetry Month, explored Buffalo’s wide-ranging contributions to the international poetry and literary worlds.

Poetry Tribute for Ishmael Reed at SF Jazz Center

Tokyo Flower Children present an important poetry event at the San Francisco Jazz Center on Saturday, June 28th, where poet laureate Ishmael Reed will be honored and celebrated by peers and readers alike. This tribute includes readings by poets and writers: Tennessee Reed, Genny Lim, Yuri Kageyama, along with her Tokyo-based band Yuricane (including Hirokazu Suyama, Hiroshi Tokieda and Yuuichiro Ishii).