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Ishmael Reed is prominently featured in the holiday issue of T: The New York Times Style Magazine alongside 32 other black male writers of extraordinary talent. Read more here: 

Ishmael Reed's CONJUGATING HINDI Reviewed in the LARB

In the Los Angeles Review of Books, author Anita Felicelli writes glowingly of Ishmael Reed's new novel, CONJUGATING HINDI:"As the United States’s ideals come under increasing attack, we need more flame-throwers like septuagenarian Ishmael Reed — more fighters, more tricksters, more eagle-eyed observers with an incendiary spirit, more dazzlingly original artist-writers — willing to defy what is permissible to say, willing to catch it on all sides, and willing to run over boundaries of all kinds into genuinely new or neglected territory."

White Nationalism's Last Stand

When Abraham Foxman, director emeritus of the Anti-Defamation League, said that Trump rallies reminded him of those crowds that adored Hitler, I figured that he probably knew what he was talking about. Other representatives of the organization echoed Foxman’s concerns, and so did the Poverty Law Center, but they weren’t as exciting and eyeball friendly for media owners as much as David Duke, the has-been Klan leader.

Ishmael Reed in the Paris Review

Ishmael Reed is in the Fall 2016 edition of the Paris Review, featured in their prestigious interview series. You can read more or buy the edition at:

George Clinton Praises Ishmael Reed in NUVO

NUVO: A lot of the classic work you created with Parliament-Funkadelic has contemplated the role music can have in neutralizing the "socially-engineered, anarchy-induced chaos" you just mentioned. It strikes me that many of the concepts in your music mirror the writing of Ishmael Reed in his brilliant 1972 novel Mumbo Jumbo and I - Clinton: OH MY GOD! MUMBO JUMBO! You know that book?NUVO: Yes, it's one of my all-time favorite books. Clinton: That's one of my favorite books!

Hamilton and the Negro Whisperers: Miranda’s Consumer Fraud by Ishmael Reed

"Among the types of black writers are the 'Negro Whisperers,' whose assignment is to explain blacks to whites like the guide in the Tarzan movies, who, in the words of Adolph Reed, Jr. tells them what those drums mean. Then there’s the native who challenges the lies that come down from the colonial office."Read more: